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Scend is a coaching company for entrepreneurs, founders and leaders who are ready to lead more consciously.

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Why coaching?

Coaching deepens self-awareness and creates inner clarity, so that you can reach higher levels of performance with increasingly less effort. If you have audacious goals, a big vision, and high standards, you're in the right place.
You might be a:

Startup founder

Working to harness your intuition and decision making instincts in the face of uncertainty.

High-growth leader

Looking to scale yourself and your team — in need of process, prioritization, and more resources, stat!

VC investor

Developing a winning portfolio and realizing that you and your founders need to master the inner-game to achieve sustainable success.

Why Scend?

scend (n.)
/sɛnd/ The lift created by a wave.
Scend is built on the belief that excellence can be easeful, and that powerful internal shifts can unlock a renewable flow of energy. The result? Bigger waves with a lot less effort.

Meet your coach

Hi there. I’m Dolores, an executive coach and the founder of Scend. I became a coach after a decade in the startup world, holding leadership and executive roles at high-growth companies like WeWork and Hello Alfred. I believe entrepreneurs have world-changing potential, and I’m passionate about supporting my clients in unlocking all that is theirs to create in this world.

As a startup veteran, I bring a wealth of executive and operational experience to my coaching. From honing your strategic vision to best practices in motivating, managing, hiring and firing — I’ve been there and can support you in mastering the inner-game, so that you can lead with confidence and ease.

Let’s get started

Coaching is an iterative process that creates a resounding impact throughout your life and organization. I work with clients in the following ways to support on-going expansion.

1:1 Coaching

One-to-one coaching creates deep inner clarity so that you can show up as your most authentic, resourceful and creative self.

Individual coaching typically requires a minimum investment of $3,600, and is necessary for a CEO and/or Co-founder prior to the Leadership Alignment program.

Leadership Alignment

When the leadership team is internally aligned, the whole company thrives. Leadership Alignment is a 6-8 month group coaching program that reduces drama and catalyzes team alignment.

After just a few months, leaders often report increased trust and teamwork, clearer/faster decision making, and improved business outcomes.

Team Retreats

Retreats provide an opportunity to deepen clarity, alignment and connection across the broader organization. These events can be held virtually or in-person, and the programming is customized to meet the needs of your growing org.

“Dolores has a steady presence that creates an amazing space for me to explore myself. She challenges me from a place of warmth and knowing that draws me toward the perfect insight. She is a true thinking partner that accelerates my personal and professional growth. I give Dolores my highest recommendation.”

Robert U. Craven
Founder & CEO, ScalePassion

“I sought out coaching from Dolores to get support in tackling uncertainty and indecision. I knew I needed a change from familiar thought patterns and ways of processing, but wasn't quite sure how to move forward on my own. Dolores introduced new ways of seeing the problem and I not only gained clarity from her structured explorations and frameworks, but also the skills to apply these to other situations in my life. I'd strongly recommend Dolores as a coach for anyone wanting to make a significant shift!”

Gena Hong
Senior User Experience Researcher, Google

“Dolores is an incredible listener, so I always feel understood when I'm working with her. She's also a clever strategist and often helps me get out of my own way in reaching a goal.”

Kyle Weeks
VP & Head of Growth, Meez

“Working closely with Dolores over the past few months has allowed me to see more clearly what I value professionally and create actionable steps to get closer to achieving my goals. Her experience allows her to understand a variety of industries and gives her an adept ability to navigate career transitions. I highly recommend working with her!”

Courtney Hunt
Global Head of Productization, WeWork

“Dolores helped me refine my professional passion and purpose. The ground work we laid together has defined the approach to my career over the last year plus, and will continue to guide me for many years.”

Joe Bennan
Chief Design Officer, BLDGWORKS

“Dolores helped me to find clarity, direction and purpose during one of the most uncertain times in my life. Working together helped me discover my "full body yes" and tune into the signals my body sends me. Dolores also helped me see how multifaceted I am, how I can effectively call on my different personas, channeling their positive traits, and understanding the most challenging sides to myself, when and how they tend to show up.”

Lauren Goldenberg Newton
Communications, Compass

“Dolores has a piercing attention that shares truths. She has helped me see myself more honestly and more fully in a loving, compassionate way.”

Monique Stefens
Facilitator & Coach

If you’re ready to:

Wake up exhilarated every day, loving the work you do
Identify your zone of genius and define your unique contribution to the world
Clarify what you really want in life — both professionally and personally
Discover blindspots and tackle growth head on
Build a mindset that enables ongoing success

Scend is ready to support you.